Bella ~ Me.
Dolce Vita ~ The Sweet Life.

Bella Hunter -I am the girl from Ipanema. Australian, French Polynesian/Fijian/Scottish background, but Pocahontas/Cherokee at heart. Full to the brim with acapella music notes, dreams, ambition and happiness. Definitely NOT "just a girl in a big city". Born and bred Sydney-sider/New Yorker. Have lived and traveled all over the world, but Palm Beach will always be my home. Genuine blue blood on the prowl, in absolute awe of beauty, art, taste and strength. Absolute foodie, cooking and fine-dining obsessed, travel junkie, animal lover and rights advocate, adventurous, in love with love itself likewise passionate, talented, creative people. Singer/Song Writer/Designer/Student of the World.
Ever watching, listening, observing life through large green curious eyes. Perpetually filled with wonder, honesty, love, criticism, high standards, and continual amazement...

Come fly with me:

(Disclaimer: I don't own most of these photos, majority are re-blogged or taken from various websites. Full credit goes to the artist. My own photographs from my travels and experiences are noted with my name and year/location, feel free to reblog. Beauty is free.)

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